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Niance customers in Indonesia


Mrs. Fitria Yusuf


Mrs. Tusyana Suryadi


Mrs. Lolita


Mrs. Erika Santoso


Mrs. Reny Rens


Mrs. Annisa Pohan


Mrs. Ellen Yussica


Mrs. Linda Tan


Mrs. Dewi Soedarjo


Mrs. Pricilla


Mrs. Junita Liesar


Mrs. Cindy


Mrs. Meiline T


Mrs. Rina Ciang


Mrs. Tio Santi


Mrs. Debora


Mrs. Michellez Owen



Niance customers Globally

NIANCE is the top skincare brand from Switzerland, which brought me the ultimate luxury skincare experience. I especially like the Whitening Fluid COMPLET SPF50. The ingredients are clean and effective. Before going to work every morning I apply a thin layer of it.  It is the best guardian of my skin against UV rays and environmental pollution! When I see that my skin is glowing while I’m hosting a show or while working, my mood is also becoming positive!

Simplicity is not only the starting point of life, but also the journey and the result. Moisturizing and sun protection are two simple things to keep us beautiful and youthful every day!

Gloria AI

Founder of iAsk Media, Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2016,

The Global Shapers by World Economic Forum


The Premium Glacier Facial Cream is my new favorite beauty product. After just a couple of weeks of using it my skin looks smoother and is absolutely glowing.

Áslaug Magnúsdóttir

Founder of Katla,

Serial entrepreneur

The NIANCE products are amazing.  It’s my newly discovered secret of feeling look and looking great even with a challenging daily schedule:-)  In particular I love the Facial Tonic  REFRESH, which I take with me when I travel.  It provides an immediate moisturizing and a natural glow on my skin.

Karen Levy

Art Collector, Entrepreneur,

“40 under 40 Art & Tech” by APOLLO


I use NIANCE Facial Tonic Refresh and NIANCE Hydrating Mask Intensify before I get on a plane, so my skin feels hydrated during the flight and protected from the dry air, when I land my skin feels and looks fresh and radiant.

Agnes Budzyn

Investor, Entrepreneur and Board Member of Biden Institute

Inevitably we are aging every day. However my skin is noticeably glowing recently. The newly launched NIANCE GENR8 Cleanse Biotic Nutritional Supplements is really good, very effective in detoxifying and gut health enhancement. After one month of intake, my skin condition has improved a lot and I feel an overall boost in my body and mental wellness.

Leah Lei



My skin have met it’s match ever since I started applying Niance overnight mask. It feels lighter, fresher, silky soft and buoyant to the touch. My search has ended for the perfect product.

Niance, I am hooked.

Wen Zhou

Ceo/Co-Founder 3.1 Phillip Lim

NIANCE Eye Care SHINE helps to keep my eyes shiny every day. Inspired by nature, it promotes best care for your skin.

Svetlana Baurens

President and Co-Founder, GALILEO IIIC,

Board Member, Swiss Impact Investing Association



My hair has been thinning for years, and I have tried every collagen product on the market, but with no success. I was naturally a bit skeptical when I was introduced to NIANCE but after a month of using it, I suddenly found that I had an entire head of baby hairs growing in! After 2 months of use, the baby hairs are many centimeters long, and my hair is honestly thicker and fuller and stronger! My hairdresser of 20 years couldn’t believe what she was seeing and is referring all of her clients to NIANCE now! Thank you NIANCE!

Heather-Ibrahim Leathers

Founder and President, Global Fund for Widows

The cleansing peeling ENERGIZE of NIANCE Switzerland is the perfect product for me. It has such a cooling and rejuvenating effect and the skin feels just great afterwards. And I am absolutely amazed by the fact that all the ingredients in the products are from Switzerland and produced here locally.

Steven Epprecht


  • Instagram

I have been taking the NIANCE collagen beauty booster on a regular basis for the last 3 years. I can definitely sense a noticeable difference on the days where I forget to take it – my skin feels drier and less supple in comparison.  I also use the Premium Glacier Facial Cream, Eye Care Shine and the Hydrating Mask as well as several nutritional supplements (such as Detox & Vitality).  All of these products are highly recommended!

Jennifer Wu-Schwab

Board Member, Global Fund for Widows

Advisor, ScanTrust SA

I put on NIANCE Hydrating Mask INTENSIFY in the evening before I go to sleep. Next day my skin is so much nourished and hydrated.

Eva Huang

Famous Actress - China


NIANCE is one of my favorite Swiss skincare brands. Natural ingredients and great results are just what my skin needs in the modeling business!

Kevin Lutolf


  • Instagram

Niance brightens my day, relaxes me , and keeps my skin in perfect balance.

Rininta Christabella

Physician, Entrepreneur & Founder of Let’s Share Healthcare

  • Instagram

We have chosen NIANCE because we were looking for a very high-level Swiss Cosmetic product and we found in NIANCE exactly what we wanted. Safe product, high-level product, very efficient product and I am glad about this choice.

Dr. Lorenz Schmid

Chief Pharmacist

TopPharm Apotheke Paradeplatz Zurich

As modern women with multiple roles, the fast-paced lifestyle and constantly changing environment invariably damage our skin. I face many similar skin problems as many other women do until I found NIANCE. My beloved Day Care PERFECT gives the nutrition and care that my skin needs on daily basis, and it is very easy to be absorbed by the skin at the same time. After a busy day, applying the NIANCE Hydrating Mask INTENSIFY before going to bed is my secret to restore my skin back to a perfect condition.

Melody Li

Entrepreneur, media expert,

President of VK Group, Mother of 2 children


“I was very happy to find NIANCE, a Swiss innovative skincare brand.  In my view, it is a hidden jewel from Switzerland.  I was, in particularly, impressed by the effectiveness of the NIANCE Eye Gel ACTIVATE.”

Zhou Chong

Entrepreneur, second generation Chinese collector,

“ArTy ReTro” founder, “2017 Forbes 30 under 30

I‘m a big fan of NIANCE, especially of the Hydrating Mask Intensify . It‘s a very efficient product- just perfect for my dry & sensitive skin.

Countess Tamara Graeffin von Nayhauss

TV Presenter, Socialite - Germany

  • Instagram

There are many different cosmetic brands on the market, claiming the impossible to become possible but when testing them they cannot keep their promises. As a professional in this field I have tested many of them. NIANCE is different and truly rare on the market since they hold their promises – the formulas really work. NIANCE combines natural ingredients with the latest of scientific research and this at highest level. The unique Swiss Glacier Complex® – a powerful Elixier for the skin – comes with very effective actives focusing on the needs of every skin type. Luxurious textures round off the products and makes their application an event to be remembered for a long time.

Dr. Patrick Schwarzentruber

Chairman of the Committee of Microbiological Experts

(Member of the Board) - Switzerland

I tried now long enough the super-combination of the Hydrating Mask INTENSIFY, the Premium Glacier Facial Cream and the Collagen-Hyaluron Beauty Booster: I really see an additional positive result by using the combination of the three products concerning the fine wrinkles. They are really less and that’s just fantastic.

Also concerning the hydration of the skin NIANCE products are just optimal – I never had any dry skin (specially in winter time I normally had) and I never have any oily skin.

I’m really convinced of the effectiveness of NIANCE products and I will continue using them.

Dr. med. Salomé Courvoisier

Dermatologist - Switzerland


NIANCE is a precious skin care brand from the Swiss Alps.  After a busy day of work, it provides the best nutrients to my skin, making my skin naturally recover and rejuvenate.  My skin is glowing the next day

Evelyn Lin

Deputy Chairman, International Director & Head of Department, Asian 20th Century & Contemporary Art, CHRISTIE’S

After establishing our cooperation with NIANCE in 2018 we were focusing on a line of cosmetic products

for our male clients, who appreciate the „look & feel” of these high quality products catering specifically for them.

Complimenting the external effects of these products, we recommend NIANCE Premium Collagen-Hyaluron Beauty Booster

to promote well-being and beauty from the inside.

Dr. med Roger Gmuer

Doctor, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Klinik Tiefenbrunnen


This is face cream that does exactly what it says it will. I have been complimented by friends on how smooth and glowy my skin looks like after applying this and going out with without face makeup! I feel it really does help in dehydrated skin. I saw a difference in my skin immediately after applying. Highly recommended.

Jasmin Shahzada Ismail


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Regular quality sleep is the most important foundation for beautiful skin, brain health, and balanced mental and emotional wellbeing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come easily if you have a stressful job and busy life. With NIANCE GENR8 BIOTIC Nutritional Sleep Supplement, I have been consistently having deep and long sleep every night, and wake up with a clear mind, positive but steady energy, and natural glow in my skin.

Jen Zhu Scott

Entrepreneur, technologist, working mom

  • Instagram

Hydrating Mask INTENSIFY is great in nourishing my dry skin. Since I started using it, the wrinkles started disappearing. I highly recommend it.

Maja Roszkowska


  • Instagram

My skin is glowing ever since I started using NIANCE Premium Glacier Facial Cream, full of top Alpine ingredients. The Swiss Glacier Complex(r) makes my skin happy every day now – so in love with it!

Wiebke MBG


  • Instagram

On any given Sunday: Hydrating Mask INTENSIFY by NIANCE

Sue Giers


  • Instagram

Niance Eye Care Shine relaxes my eye area and provides it with moisture and great skin care ingredients day and night

Ina Cierniak

Make up artist - Germany

  • Instagram

I have great confidence in our nature here in Switzerland. That’s why I chose the Swiss Glacier Complex Skincare with 4 powerful natural resources. My skin feels wonderfully firm, fresh and well moisturized since the application. I love the new glow from my face, which smiles at me in the mirror in the morning. The start into the day is already more than successful like this.

Manuela Ghirlanda


  • Instagram

More than one month I tested NIANCE Facial Tonic REFRESH and now I could say that I am really in love with @nianceswitzerland. This tonic contains highly-concentrated glacier water from the Swiss Alps, including valuable extracts from the Hyssop Plant. So my skin is really happy and fresh now.

Anna Baraboshina


  • Instagram

I am in love with NIANCE products! Scent, textures and also the fact that I can really see the benefits for my skin: it’s radiant and feels perfectly well-tended.



I like skin care products with sophisticated, state-of-the-art textures that are efficient and easy to use.

NIANCE completely fulfils my expectations and thus gives me the feeling of pampering my skin in a targeted way.




Since I’ve been using one of my favourite Swiss skincare products NIANCE my skin has improved so much! It helps with dry skin and wakes you up in the morning with a glow.

Inessa Mueller


  • Instagram

I use NIANCE Eye Care Shine for 2 weeks already and I am really impressed! This reach eye cream is gentle and spreads smoothly, promoting deep hydration. It also targets lines and wrinkles making my skin brighter. I will definitely try other products from NIANCE. 

Tanja Denzel

Make up artist - Switzerland

  • Instagram

The Premium Glacier Facial Cream makes my skin glow. It noticeably nourished my skin from the first second I started using it. Feels really good on dry skin.

Miss Caterina


  • Instagram

My skin feels nourished and fine – happy with my Premium Glacier Facial Cream by NIANCE

Fatima Soleil


  • Instagram

One thing that has transformed my skin is a brand called NIANCE. I have been using Premium Glacier Facial Cream and Eye Care SHINE for about a year now and the result is obvious. I highly recommend it to everyone

Tee Ganbold

Founder & CEO of Fourth Frontier - England

  • Instagram

I love using the Hydration Mask intensify when I need extra nourishment for my skin – especially in winter. I apply it before going to bed and wake up to glowy and very hydrated skin.

Olivia Faeh


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