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Natalia Vodianova Invests in Swiss Beauty and Longevity Brand NIANCE

Zurich, Switzerland – June, 2024 – Swiss Health & bioBeauty AG, owner of the prestigious beauty and longevity brand NIANCE, is thrilled to announce that Natalia Vodianova, internationally renowned supermodel, philanthropist and investor, has become one of the key shareholders of NIANCE. This strategic partnership starts a new chapter in the brand's journey towards global prominence.


NIANCE is a Zurich-based luxury skincare and nutritional supplement brand, Switzerland's best-kept secret in beauty and longevity. Celebrated for its groundbreaking use of proprietary biotechnology, FERNESSE™, this advanced technology enables the release of the full Triple-Biotic power (prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics) of its active ingredients, significantly increasing the bioavailability of nutrients. By addressing the root cause of aging through the skin's microbiome and gut health, NIANCE integrates the finest natural ingredients from the Swiss Alps with cutting-edge Swiss biotech advancements, promoting rejuvenation and anti-aging by activating the body's own restorative abilities.

Natalia Vodianova's Connection with NIANCE

Natalia shares her personal journey with NIANCE:

"In early 2021, I was introduced to NIANCE and immediately felt a deep connection with its philosophy and products. NIANCE is different from hundreds of skincare products I have tried before. Being active in modeling, social activities, and traveling, my skin is constantly stressed by makeup, lights and external pollutants. The NIANCE products help me restore a glowing skin and overall health vitality.

The NIANCE Premium Glacier Facial Cream, with its unapologetically luxurious, highly effective and clean formula, has become a staple in my skincare routine. My skin feels hydrated, firm, glowing and visibly more youthful.  

Equally impressive is the GENR8® Biotic Supplements VITALITY. It boosts my energy levels, supports gut health, and enhances overall well-being.

I am a strong believer in gut health – a healthy gut leads to a healthy body, as close to 80% of our immunity is located in the gut. That’s why NIANCE always addresses issues of beauty and longevity at the root cause.

Over the past three years, my relationship with NIANCE has grown stronger. I began sharing my positive experiences in public, which resonates with many of my friends and followers. My journey with NIANCE took me to South Korea and China last November, where I joined events and engaged with many NIANCE customers and top influencers, supporting the brand's market entry in these vibrant countries. I was amazed to see how obsessed Asian customers are with NIANCE products. Asian women, known as the most demanding skincare and supplements consumers globally, showed a deep appreciation for NIANCE’s offerings. This hands-on involvement has deepened my appreciation for NIANCE's dedication to holistic beauty and longevity."

Natalia’s engagement with NIANCE expanded from being a loyal customer to a brand endorsement ambassador, now she has taken the significant step of becoming an investor in the brand. Her journey exemplifies the genuine connection and belief in the brand’s vision and mission. Natalia's marriage to Antoine Arnault, the eldest son of Bernard Arnault, owner of the LVMH group, underscores her deep ties to the luxury industry.

NIANCE Sheroes Community

NIANCE is most proud of its strong and organically-grown NIANCE Sheroes Community, which includes many inspiring women, who, like Natalia Vodianova, have a deep connection with the core values and philosophy of NIANCE and use and advocate for NIANCE products. Natalia's story is particularly inspiring. She grew up in a very humble background in a single-mother family in a small town in Russia. As a child, she helped her mother sell fruit on the streets. At the age of 16, after learning English in just three months, she flew to Paris to pursue a modeling career. Through hard work, she became a top model globally and founded the Naked Heart Foundation for charity. Natalia embodies many aspirational values for women worldwide: she is a mother of five children, has a successful career, supports the underprivileged and serves as a UN ambassador, among her many roles.

Comments from the CEO

Marnix Ettema, CEO of NIANCE, emphasizes the brand's core values:

"Our growth is driven by heavy investment in innovation and the quality and efficacy of our products, which have garnered a loyal customer base globally. Despite our low-profile approach and minimal marketing investment, NIANCE is now present in about 30 countries, with an exceptionally high percentage of repeat purchases – a 71% repeat purchase rate online. Our products are favored by high-end health clinics and hotel spas worldwide. This organic growth is a testament to the power of our products.

NIANCE’s clientele includes many prominent figures who have become long-term customers and advocates. Doctors, scientists, professionals, celebrities, artists, high-profile entrepreneurs, business leaders, political leaders, and royal family members from Asia, Europe, and the Middle East have all expressed their satisfaction with NIANCE products. Notably, these endorsements are genuine and unpaid, spreading the brand's reputation through word of mouth."

NIANCE Product Range

NIANCE offers a range of premium products that address the face, body, mind, and spirit, catering to both men and women of all ethnicities, and skin colors. The skincare line is suitable even for the most sensitive skin by addressing the skin's microbiome and providing strong anti-aging benefits. The longevity supplements focus on holistic well-being, targeting sleep, vitality, detox, weight management, immunity, and NAD+ boost. Positioned at the high end of the market, these products reflect their exclusive nature and advanced technology.

Strategic Value for NIANCE

Natalia Vodianova’s decision to invest in NIANCE, following her involvement with famous brands like Guerlain and Augustinus Bader, speaks volumes about the unique value NIANCE brings to the beauty and wellness industry. As she joins the board of Swiss Health & bioBeauty AG, NIANCE is poised to continue its ascent as a leader in luxury skincare and nutritional supplements. This partnership aims to solidify NIANCE's market presence in Asia and Europe, with plans to expand into the US, the GCC region, and other global markets.  Equally important, NIANCE aspires to promote the inspiring story of Natalia Vodianova, encouraging more women to embrace their "shero" potential and join the NIANCE Sheroes Community.  By providing highly effective and clean skincare and nutritional supplements, NIANCE empowers women to become more beautiful, more confident, more energetic, healthier and happier, embodying the brand's commitment to being "Deeper Than Beauty."



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